''Posh In One Hand, Confidence In the Other''
Welcome to the Members Page
Meet all of the members of ''PoshCulture'' and hopefully many more to come. Just think about it .. if you join you can be on here too :)
Meet the Club President ''Landa68'' #Posh
 5 things Lady Landa68 favors are
1. Fashion
2. Deor
3. Traveling
4. BLue
5. Romocon (Romantic Comedies)
Meet the Club's Vice President ''Kuuipo'' #Posh
5 things about Kuuipo are
1. She is an African American Teenager
2. funny and nice 
3.Active and plays sports
4. Loves art and clothes (thats why she plays) 
5. Favortie color is blue
Meet Lady ''Mylene Farmer'' #posh
 5 Things Mylene Loves are 
2.Asian Food
4.Metal Music
5. Playing Lady Popular :D
Meet Lady ''Moana-22'' #posh
 5 things Moana-22 loves are
1. Reading
2. Pride and Prejudice (movie)
3. Ed Sheeran
4. Walks
5. The color blue
Meet Lady ''BlackIsBeautiful'' #posh
5 things lady ''BlackIsBeautiful'' Loves are
1. Pink
2. ''Wonder Woman''
3. Binge Watching
4. Chocolate
5. Family & Friends
Meet Lady ''Maxim54'' #posh
Meet Lady ''QueenOtaku'' #posh
5 things about  lady ''QueenOtaku is she loves
1. Purple
2. Rainy Days
3. Video Games
4. Anything Sweet
5. Traveling the World Someday ;)

Meet Lady ''Angela_Grey_Parker'' #posh
Meet Lady ''RomeG1'' #posh
Meet Lady ''Courtney2.0'' #posh
.Meet Lady ''Lani Kuulei'' #Posh
Meet Lady ''Nikky Minaj'' #Posh
​Meet Lady ''Sunisha'' #Posh
Meet Lady ''Solcis'' #Posh
Meet Lady ''Beautiful Flower'' #posh
5 things Lady Beautiful Flower loves are
5.Excursions with friends
Meet Lady ''קייט'' #Posh
5 things she likes are 
3.Demi Lovato
5.Change by Wick to Wick
Meet Lady ''Priya Rathor'' #posh
5 Things Lady Priya loves are
1. Planting
2. Painting
3. Dancing
4. Music
5. Making Friends 
Meet Lady ''Amina Regis'' #posh
5 things about Lady Amina are
3.Loves MUsic
5.Loves Voting other Ladies