''Posh In One Hand, Confidence In the Other''

Posh Rules

1. Don't challenge other club members. If you do and you win, the money you collected must be donated to the club
2. Donations are 500 dollars and 1 emerald daily. You are more than welcome to donate more! If you are able to donate diamond please do we will be more than happy. Missing donations isn't acceptable. You must be dedicated in donating.
3.Be an active member, missing more than 3 days without notice may lead to being kicked out.
4. Use appropriate language in the chat. If you feel uncomfortable with the chat conversation please kindly let the person know or tell the Club Presisdent or Vice President.
5.Participating in club fights, fashion shows, and club challenges is mandatory. If you have a reason for not participating you must let the President or Vice President know.
      If you have any questions or concerns about the rules please let us know we will gladly help you :D